What's new in 3.1i

Menus and forms

App builder 3.1i features new node types to create forms in your app, such as Section, Radiobutton group, Checkbox, and so on. The functionality of the Submenu and Command node that are used for creating forms and form fields in App builder 3.1. is reduced. For the instructions on how to create a form using new node types, see the see the following document sections:

Changes in existing node types

Node App builder 3.1 version App builder 3.1i version
Submenu Adds any group of nodes to the app structure, for example, a group of radio button, buttons, checkboxes or other input fields, including Reporting node behavior. Submenu node is used only to create app menu items outside of forms.
Command Adds a checkbox or a radiobutton.

Sends the Node ID to the server.

Only sends the Node ID to the server.

New node types

Node Description
Form Adds a form with input fields.
Reporting flow Adds a form that is filled in a series of dialog windows. As the user enters the value, the next window appears with a field to fill in.
Section Adds a collapsible group of fields in the form.
Radiobutton group Adds a group of radio buttons or buttons to the form.
Radiobutton Adds a radio button to the radio button group or a button to the button group.
Radiobutton with contents Adds a radio button in the radio button group, or a button in the button group. If the user selects the (radio) button, more fields are displayed for the user to enter more information.
Checkbox Adds a checkbox to the form.
Checkbox with contents Adds a checkbox under the Section node. If the checkbox is selected by the user, more fields are displayed for the user to enter more information.

Node behavior changes

Next and Hide and Next node behaviours that worked only in J2ME platform are removed. For instructions on how to use node behaviour for setting up navigation in your app, see Set up navigation.

System node types

The following System node types are removed, since they aren't supported in the current clients: