Reslink platform is an all-in-one hub for running a multi-site business, for example, sales, cleaning, security patrolling, construction, and so on. With Reslink solutions, you can manage employees, plan and distribute tasks and track company assets across multiple locations. The platform provides a mobile app to work on the spot and a web service that accumulates data and lets you monitor, control and manage work from wherever you are. All data is shared in real time, so you always have up-to-date information.

Reslink helps you handle your business tasks:

Manage employee onboarding

Automates your employee onboarding process from signing the work agreement to training the staff. Reslink Employee onboarding reduces the amount of manual work: no need to sign paper forms, print documents and send them out. Just fill the app form – everything else is automated.

The Employee onboarding solution features:

  • A work agreement produced as a PDF in line with your employment terms and sent out by email.
  • An employee account for the app, web service or both created automatically after the work agreement is signed.
  • Manager view that includes Employee cards with employee information, training and skills.
  • Trainings assigned to the employee depend on their job role, department and user level.

Track time and attendance

Provides you with verified information about your employees’ attendance and lets you compare actuals to the budgeted time. The employees can clock in and out using the fixed terminal or the app installed on their own devices (iOS or Android). If you need a proof of presence, install an NFC tag on the work spot or setup GPS tracking for the user’s devices.

The Time and attendance features:

  • A choice between installing a site-based device or bring your own device (BYOD) solution.
  • Employee clock-in with the photo and a PIN code.
  • Optional GPS tracking.
  • Automated T&A reports to track the actuals of each employee daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Available for iOS and Android.

Plan tasks at locations

Lets you automatically schedule tasks in remote locations. Just set how often the task should be completed and Reslink will build a schedule.

The Task planning solution features:

  • A flexible scheduling engine that allows a time window for task completion.
  • The recent task completion date can be taken into account when scheduling the next location visit.

Manage unplanned tasks

Provides an easy fast way to report and handle incidents, hazards, observations and maintenance needs. All you need to do is get the ReslinkEye app, describe the incident, add a picture and send it. Reslink platform will create a ticket, assign it to the right person and let you track the ticket completion. The module is compliant with insurance rules and provides proven data for invoicing and Upsales.

The ReslinkEye solution features:

  • Time-stamped tickets that let you track the ticket handling from the incident report to its resolving.
  • Ticket scheduling in the calendar.
  • Easy way to distribute tasks by sending them directly to the employee’s app.
  • The report that shows when, where, by whom, and what was done.

Manage guarding rounds

A solution for the guarding business that lets you organize, log and execute the patrol rounds. The timing, route and the tasks for the guard are shown in the mobile app. The guards can report the progress in real-time by scanning NFC tags placed at locations.

The Round management solution features:

  • A virtual control room that shows checkpoint scans and lets you follow the situation real-time.
  • Tasks for a specific location retrieved by scanning the corresponding tag.
  • Incidents, including failed attendances, instantly reported to your control room any time.
  • GPS position tracking.
  • Custom reports based on locations, employees or exceptions.

Track assets

Helps you monitor your company’s assets transferred between locations and employees. All data is sent to the web service, where you can view, find and manage information about any single item.

The Asset management solution features:

  • Asset stocks that can be created at sites, locations and employees.
  • Asset transfer available both in the web service and in the mobile app.